Equipped with over a decade's experience in filmmaking, Mansour’s varied background has seen him work on everything from large commercial productions to quirky documentaries. The sheer scope of his work means Mansour comes with an array of dynamic ideas and the skills to bring them to life.

Industry SuperFunds

Australian Tennis champ Lleyton Hewitt reflects on the role tennis has played on his life, and his future, in the latest ad campaign for Industry SuperFunds.

Red Bull, Focus

Red Bull’s Focus series takes the public behind the slick veneer of the lives of some of the world’s most high-profile athletes.

Phil Island, MotoGP

A series of broadcast and social commercials, feat. die-hard Moto GP fan ‘Phil Island,’ for Australian Grand Prix Corporation’s annual MotoGP.

The Final Word

The Final Word is a poignant, critically acclaimed documentary film, exploring the meaning of life through the eyes of death.

MTV Tripppers

A youth-skewed road trip series exploring the best NSW has to offer – with social media influencers A Bikini A Day’s Tash Oakley, and The Naked Traveller’s Tyson Mayr.