88 on Regent

De Republica was approached by the Thirdi Group to create a video-focused campaign for 88onRegent, an 17-story residential building in the heart of Redfern. The brief was to ‘re-tell the story of Redfern,’ an area that’s undergone a lot of change over the past decade.

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Cinematic Piece

In collaboration with De Republica Director Mitch Green, we created a highly visual cinematic portrait of Redfern, which helped envision the lifestyle of 88onRegent through the eyes of its target consumers.

Project Overview

A Project Overview piece completed the campaign, threading together all three videos to provide a more in-depth look at the project as a whole, and ultimately speaking to the central theme of the campaign: the coming together of individuals from varying backgrounds and age-groups, to form a culturally-rich and dynamic urban community.


Our aim was to create a series of focused videos showcasing the key hubs of this inner city suburb – all of which aligned with the interests of three pre-determined target demographics.