A storyteller in every sense of the word, this former writer and photographer turned talented filmmaker communicates his ideas through aesthetically stunning, and deeply emotive visuals. Green's latest varied and inspiring work spans sectors such as fashion, tourism, education and non-profits.

Ducati Scrambler

The world shrinks with an ever increasing acceleration, year after year, even during our lifetime. Strangely enough, there is still left in the world today, far flung places never been seen by a human being. The Ducati Scrambler is built to get you there.

Uniting, With Heart TVC

Uniting’s latest TVC uncovers the small moments of compassion and humanity that transpire everyday within the walls of their Early Learning, Disability and Aged Care facilities.

Reebok, Be More Human

As part of their largest marketing campaign to date, Reebok created the pop-up DELTA Gym, fully hand-built by famed CrossFit and fitness athletes in the dead-of-night.

Declan, Children's Cancer Institute

A heartbreaking story about an amazing little boy named Declan and his unrelenting fight against childhood cancer.

University of Wollongong, TVC

The latest dynamic UoW campaign, aiming to alleviate pressures faced by HSC students with reassurance that ’they have the rest of their lives to work out the rest of their lives’.

Mink Pink x Disney

A whimsical campaign unveiling iconic Australian label MINKPINK’s latest fashion collaboration with Disney, featuring a nod to our favourite classic childhood Disney heroines.