Adobe Creative Cloud

In collaboration with For The People, and Director Kacie Anning, De Republica had a lot of fun bringing this mockumentary series to life for software giants Adobe – which profiled five characters on their journey to becoming social media #influencers, while taking as many shortcuts as possible.

Shortcut to Becoming a Flat Lay Photographer

Meet Angela. Her life isn’t exactly in order– but her stuff is. Because when it comes to displaying everyday objects in aesthetically pleasing way, Angela has it down flat… so much so that she reckons she’s ready to go pro.

Shortcut to Becoming an International DJ

Meet Denis. He’s in the graphic design trade right now– but he’s taking the AUX cord into his own hands, and is planning on making his name as a DJ. You might doubt him now– but he has just the rubber animal mask to do it.

Shortcut to Becoming a Fitness Celebrity

Meet Jessica. She believes in putting the work in– or, at least, encouraging you to put the work in. She thinks she’s so good at it, in fact, that she wants to go full-time fitness celebrity… and she’s willing to break a (mental) sweat to do it.

Shortcut to Becoming a Style Icon

Meet Hunter. He’s a big personality– and if he has his way, he’s going to be an even bigger brand. Sure, he’s only been on the scene for 3 days… but in an industry that thrives on novelty, isn’t it beneficial to not know what you’re doing?

Shortcut to Taking a Gap Year

Last but certainly not least, meet Scott. If travel is food for the soul, many of us end up starving… but Scott’s here to show you how to achieve peak-level international adventuring (without even leaving your bedroom) thanks to some killer Photoshop skills.