Digital Project


Entrepreneurs Unite

Collective Hub has been carving out a new niche by melting creativity, with business, technology and social change; thus becoming the voice of a new generation of entrepreneurs. De Republica was tasked with overhauling / positioning this powerful content platform for the present and future climates.

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Devices At The Ready

With over half of the Collective Hub readers already viewing the website on a mobile device, mobile first prototypes were tweaked and iterated continually to create a seamless viewing and reading experience across all devices.

Data Architecture & User Experience

With such a broad array of topics covered by the Collective Hub print magazine and website, a complete overhaul of the data architecture and subsequent user experience was needed. ?After careful study and digestion of current user journeys and traffic numbers, a simpler more content friendly approach was devised to ensure the increased number of articles were being seen and read.

Sustainable Ad Serving

An integral part of the Collective Hub digital progression was to introduce a more substantial advertising offering, ensuring the website held strong offerings for advertisers, whilst not intruding on the reader experience too heavily.